A development platform providing web access to SAP R/3

This work required many skills including component design, object-oriented design, Java, JSP, Swing, SAP & XML

I co-designed <b>Talk for the company Backsoft, specialists in SAP and B2B. The platform allows users to conduct SAP R/3 transactions from a remote web browser.

There were two main strands of work:

  1. The creation of lean, efficient proxy beans for accessing R/3, and a supporting infrastructure of connection beans, sample HTML, JSP etc.
  2. The creation of an easy-to-use generator program that could build these platform components, on demand, from the client's R/3 system

The platform includes pure Java BAPI and RFC transaction beans, XML I/O beans, sample web forms (JSP & HTML), and sample XML input files. The <b>Talk Builder application generates all these components, for deployment in the client's Java app server.

The <b>Talk Builder application was written in Java using SAP's JRFC, the Swing API and numerous hand-rolled classes.

Screen shots
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